Reiki (pronounced Ray Kee) comes from the Japanese and Chinese words for ‘spiritual energy’. It is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive form of ‘healing’ suitable for everyone. The practitioner’s hands are placed either on, or just above, the client allowing reiki energy to flow to wherever it is needed in the client. No pressure, manipulation or massage is used.

Reiki is incredibly relaxing and calming. It is an holistic therapy for restoring balance and harmony to all aspects of the person, body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Although a spiritual practice, Reiki is not a religion. Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui, who was born in Japan. The basis of Mikao Usui’s practice is based on the following precepts which he gave to all his students as a guide to how they should live their lives.

Just for today…

this is a reminder to live in the present, not in the past or the future.

Do not anger …

anger is a normal emotion, this is a reminder to let it go and focus our energy instead on positive, caring emotions.

Do not worry …

worry can be hard to avoid. This is a reminder that we need to let this go. Worrying cannot change the future but can spoil the present.

Be grateful …

a reminder to be grateful for the good things and the people in our lives and what we can learn from them.

Be honest in your dealings with people …

a reminder to be honest with ourselves in our dealings with ourselves and others. It’s not an invitation to be too honest and offend others.

Be compassionate towards yourself and others …

this precept allows us to accept that we are not perfect, treat ourselves with forgiveness and compassion and to then extend that forgiveness and compassion to others.

Reiki at Escape to Shanti, Copmanthorpe, York. Margaret Webster, Reiki Practitioner

Margaret Webster

I am a Professional Holistic Therapist and Hypnotherapist, working in Copmanthorpe, York. I have been qualified since 2005 and am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and I am a registered practitioner on the General Hypnotherapy Register.

If you would like further information, or to discuss how reiki can help you, please contact me for a no-obligation chat.