Indian Head Massage
45 minutes | £25

This is a massage to the upper back, head, neck, face and shoulders. The massage is undertaken in a seated position, fully dressed (light clothing on the top) without the use of oils. The addition of oils to the scalp is optional. This is a lovely treatment excellent for stress-relief, the relief of muscular tension, well-being and relaxation.

Oriental Face Massage (Face-lift Massage)
45 minutes | £25

This is a massage to the shoulders, neck, face and scalp. The massage is undertaken on a warm massage couch, (ladies, you might like to wear a strappy, vest top) with the use of oils. This is a fabulously relaxing treatment, excellent for stress-relief, well-being and the relief of muscular tension, as well as for improving the appearance of both the skin and hair over time.

Japanese Hand Massage
45 minutes | £25

Japanese Hand Massage is a unique blend of Shiatsu and reflexology which aims to reduce stress, increase deep relaxation, improve circulation, cleanse the body of toxins and increase energy. The hand is a well used and much neglected part of the body. Hand massages are lovely for everyone, and especially beneficial for people who use their hands often for repetitive tasks. This massage is undertaken with oils, fully clothed (please wear a t-shirt or equivalent as the massage includes the whole arm).

Light Touch Massage
20 minutes | £15

This is a very gentle head and shoulder massage for relaxation. It uses very light touch and is suitable for almost everyone

Taster treatments
20 minutes | £15

Coming Soon

Hot Stone Massage
90 / 60minutes | £60 / £45

A deeply relaxing full body massage using heated stones to increase the benefits of the massage. The treatment is said to be ten times deeper and the benefits longer lasting than traditional techniques.

Hot Stone Back Massage
30 minutes | £25

Full Body Massage
60 minutes | £35

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
45 minutes | £25

A massage to relax and relieve any aches and pains. Focussed on the areas of the body where most people carry a lot of muscular tension.

Targeted Therapeutic Massage
60 / 45minutes | £35 / £25

A dynamic, deep tissue massage focussed on parts of the body which are causing a client muscular aches and pain. If necessary a postural assessment will be conducted.

Front and Back of Legs Massage
30 minutes | £20

Hand, Arms and Shoulder Massage
30 minutes | £20

Foot Massage
20 minutes | £10