Complementary Therapies and Hypnotherapy can be very useful tools in supporting you as you work your way through this pandemic and out the other side.

Hypnotherapy can be provided face to face, or, if you prefer, I can offer Hypnotherapy via Zoom. This is equally effective and, because many people have reservations about spending any length of time indoors with someone who is not part of their family or support bubble, this offers the advantage of enabling you to access hypnotherapy support from the comfort of your own home. A brief zoom chat can be offered prior to beginning therapy if you would like to try it out first.

Face to face complementary therapies come under the heading of ‘close contact services’ and guidelines have been set accordingly. By their very nature complementary therapies do involve prolonged close contact between the client and therapist and, with safety of paramount importance, I have undertaken two comprehensive training courses, completed a full risk assessment and taken many steps to reduce the level of risk for both my clients and myself as far as is possible. The steps I am taking and those I am asking my clients to take are detailed below. If you would like further information or have any questions please get in touch.

Steps I am taking to ensure your safety:

  • My therapy room has been cleared of anything unnecessary for your treatment and everything which remains in the room is easy to clean
  • I clean all high frequency surfaces prior to your arrival
  • I clean my therapy couch, stool, chair and all surfaces thoroughly between every client, allowing sufficient time for it all to dry
  • As always, I use clean linen for every client
  • I wash my hands prior to putting on my mask and visor and greeting you
  • As always, I wash my hands prior to starting your treatment and immediately afterwards
  • I have bought a cupboard with doors, inside which I store my clean linen instead of the open shelving unit I previously used
  • I have removed all additional layers from my therapy couch. These previously offered extra comfort and warmth, but could not be cleaned between every client
  • So far as is possible, I keep the room ventilated with an open window throughout the day
  • I wear a clean uniform for every client. If this is ever not possible, I also have a supply of washable aprons I can wear over my uniform and change the apron for every client instead
  • I wear a clean face mask and a cleaned visor for every client
  • I am monitoring my own health and the health of everyone in my household daily
  • My consultation form is now available digitally to reduce contact time during the consultation

Steps I will ask you to take to ensure my safety and the safety of my family and other clients:

  • Please ensure that you don’t come to me directly from the shops, supermarket, gym, workplace etc. If you do visit indoor spaces prior to your visit, please return home for a quick shower and clean clothes first
  • Please do not bring anyone with you
  • On arrival please do not knock on the door. Please ring me when you arrive. At that point I will wash my hands and put on my face mask and visor before greeting you
  • Please wear a face covering/face mask throughout the time you are in my house. If you are exempt for medical reasons please let me know in advance
  • I will ask you to use hand gel as you enter the house
  • I will take your temperature with a contact-free digital thermometer as you enter the house
  • I am unable to offer water so please bring your own
  • My toilet will not be available
  • I will ask you to complete a digital form prior to each visit to check that you have no symptoms and are not living with, or in close contact with anyone who has symptoms or has been asked to self isolate through the track and trace system
  • I have a QR code available for you to check-in using the NHS Covid-19 App, and also retain details of all my clients which I may have to share under the Track and Trace scheme